Three-room apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv. In the design of the kids' zone there is an emphasis on the sense of touch: natural wood is used mainly to strengthen the kids' connection to natural materials and to earth.

Dynamic furniture - open / closed
 The room has an area for a toddler and an area for a small child. Each child has different needs such as a different reading corner, different light,  work table for the older one etc. Thus, the furniture is built in a dynamic way that allows the kids to change furniture position easily when needed. The room has a relaxing area where the kid can relax and calm, on soft materials.

All soft materials - fabrics, bedding, etc. are made of natural and organic fabrics. We also introduced sights from nature in order to infuse calm and softness in the space. The work table, for example, can locate in front of a balcony with a green view, and the beds is in front of the green balcony.

Colors: a very limited palette of colors is used to reduce sensory load and allow for calmness and concentration. Those elements of our Design KIT allow people with vision problems, Sensory overload, Autism specrum disorder and ADHD to relax, concentrate and reduce sensory overload. 

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