A young couple in their 30s, with 2 children, moved into a 5-room contractor apartment in Rishon LeZion.
A new apartment is a great opportunity to restart and think about what your ideal life will look like.

The Gymboree is spread out on a spacious living room sofa with 3 sides, in a low seat that conforms to the Japanese principles of sitting close to the ground.
Most of the elements in the living room float and hang in order to create a cozy space for the children's activities.

Into Nordic minimalism enters the texture of origami paper that plays here in the lighting fixtures, using durable materials, as in the rest of the house: wood, bamboo, rattan, paper, straw and rope. The plant choices were also functional but befitting Japanese culture - minimalist and bold.

The dining area is minimalist but welcoming. Here, too, the launch line between Japan and Denmark - the possibility of producing minimalism, warm and inviting - comes into play. The texture of the origami paper plays here in the light fixtures and cladding of bamboo wooden bars. For the minimalist kitchen, a deep nut from the Japanese design crept in.

In the children's rooms it was decided to have one room together for the two of them to sleep together. The combination of the Nordic neutral color palette together with the Japanese palette, which brings with it a lot of indigo blue, created a cozy and soft room that will enchant the two little ones in the moments of waking up and sleeping.

The second nursery, serves as an energy room. Just like that - a room for spending energy and imaginative games built in the Montessori spirit. Durable materials are used in the room, as in the rest of the house: wood, bamboo, rattan, paper, straw and rope. Using baskets allows children to be independent in arranging the games - putting them in baskets on their own.
Lego boards and magnets hang on the wall - and allow the room to be free and ventilated, while hiding and hiding corners allow children to also find a moment of silence and lower sensory load.

In the children's bathroom and the parents' shower, we created a light and clean feeling with zen-like flooring, in order to allow the occupants of the house to dedicate themselves to the cleaning and immersion activities in the water.

In the parents' bedroom we created a calm and inviting place for them. An entire storage wall is swallowed up in a quiet white closet that leaves the room neutral. Using sustainable materials in the bedroom, along with vegetation and natural sights connects them well to the minimalist and precise simplicity for them.

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