A couple in their 30s, the woman a doctor and the man a high-techist, parents of two (1 years and 3), rented a three-room apartment in the old north area of ​​Tel Aviv. The apartment, which has an area of ​​80 square meters, is located in a building that was built about 60 years ago. They approached our studio to adapt the apartment to their needs and tastes. The couple wanted a peaceful and relaxed home, which is pleasant to sit in with a cup of coffee Scandinavian-Japanese style with delicate colors and clean lines.

During the renovation, a wall separating the kitchen from the foyer was broken, in order to increase the entrance space and create a play area. The new play area is open towards the kitchen and is designed in a quiet and relaxed style. One wall in the play area is covered with wallpaper with a print of a kind of pebbles, and next to it were placed a table and two chairs for creation. Under the window are low birch cabinets for storing the games and above them are straw baskets. Between the closed cabinets is a house-shaped cabinet with open shelves in which you can arrange games for display. The items in the play area can be moved easily so that it can be changed according to the changing needs of the children.

Opposite the play area is the kitchen, where no changes have been made, and between them a wooden table and chairs have been placed - also made of birch wood. The living room is furnished with a sofa with gray fabric upholstery, a wooden armchair with earth-colored upholstery and two light round living room tables. Abstract black-and-white images hang on the wall. At the end of the living room, next to the balcony wall, there is another seating area with a rounded bamboo armchair and a small table. In front of it there is a wooden box that is used for both storage and seating and above it are rounded wooden shelves. Many flower pots are scattered on the shelves and in the space.

In the hallway leading from the living room to the bedrooms stands another wooden closet, identical to the closets in the play area, and above it a round mirror with a wooden shelf. In the nursery, which is used for sleeping only, one of the walls is covered with wallpaper with a calm woodblock print. The room has two light wood beds, a wardrobe and several shelves. The master bedroom has a double bed, a wardrobe and a nightstand made of red pine that Shirom has specially built. The room has textile items in caramel, mocha and cream shades that create a relaxed atmosphere.

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