Proposal to design a preschool in the Xai-Xai District (Gaza Province, Mozambique) for disabled and socially excluded children.
The goals of this project were:
- EDUCATE: create a place where kids can start their educational journey. Make them feel like home by designing a space where they feel comfortable. Space built as a kid-friendly space, completely safe for them, a school where they can learn, play, run, and discover.
- INTEGRATE: since this school will accommodate disabled children and kids in social exclusion, it is fundamental to work on their integration in society. We created adapted spaces where they don’t feel rejected. A dynamic school where they can interact with each other and the surrounding environment.
- BE SUSTAINABLE: the projects will have to use locally sourced materials, easy to build constructive systems, and should be selfsufficient in energy terms. They have to be respectful with nature in order to teach the kids the proper way to interact with their natural environment.

In the design of the space there is an emphasis on all the senses. The sense of taste, for example, is expressed in a fragrant spice garden. The sense of touch: we use natural locally sourced materials such as natural wood, sand, clay straw. In addition, a very limited palette of colors is used to reduce sensory load and allow for calmness and concentration. Those elements of our Design KIT allow people with vision problems, functional problems, Sensory overload, Autism specrum disorder and ADHD to relax, concentrate and reduce sensory overload. 

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